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As a leading wholesaler of imported gold jewelry for over 35 years, we at IMD Gold understand what it takes to succeed in the gold jewelry business. We provide all of our customers and retail clients with fashionable and stylish gold jewelry featuring the latest trends and hottest designs. Therefore, our customers are equipped with the best and latest business tools which will help to increase sales and productivity, at no additional charge.
IMD Gold will provide our entire online product catalog, with full item descriptions, so customers can beautifully and accurately display our inventory on their own websites. Our new online store features our latest collection of designs to provide our customers with tools to increase their revenues and margins.
Display Ready
IMD Gold individually tags and barcodes every item, so customers will be able to place items directly into display upon receiving them.
Order Management
We keep a log of all your past orders, so that you can review your past orders and re-order your hot sellers.
Product Portability
Our online product catalog includes high-resolution .jpegs, full descriptions, sizes, and options, so our customers can load and display their products of choice on their own website with full accuracy and brilliance.
Stocking Wholesaler
We offer our customers all our products on a per-item or bulk basis, with no minimum order. No order is too large or too small for us. We keep a wide variety of stock so you can grow your sales without worrying about stocking products. Our stock is ready to ship so you can receive your orders instantly and without interruption.