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Jewelers Link Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Become a Member?

Becoming a member is very simple, follow this link

How long is the Registration Process?

Within 24 hours a Jewelers Link Representative will review your account and grant access.

How Many Months is My Membership Set Up for?

Membership is renewed automatically every 12 months.

Is My Information Secure and Protected?

We do not hold any information in a database that would be considered personal, each area of Jewelers Link has some form of security allowing you to limit the information that can be viewed by other Jewelers Link Members.

How Can I Link My Website to IMD Gold's Inventory?

There are many ways to link, generally one of the following 3 options are used the most:

• Our Magento Installation Module will assist in the import and update of product information on a regular basis.

• Data export from Jewelers LInk, then Import into your site with whatever Import tools your provided depending on your site.

• Use the iFrame which will simply install on any website, click on the IMDGOLD profile on Jewelers Link and click the iframe tab, from here you can copy the iframe code and paste it into your site in seconds.

Do I Have Access to IMD Gold's Jewelry Photo Database?

The photos are located on an Amazon S3 file server and will be provided upon request however all product images are referenced in the data and generally can be imported from the reference url.

Is there a Service Fee?

Jewelers Link does have a membership fee of $300 per year, this will give you access to all areas of Jewelers Link including the feed of the IMD Products to your website.